Virtual and augmented reality are fairly “new” technologies in classrooms. Sometimes the barrier to getting started with these types of technologies can stop us from ever being able to give them a try. That’s why I was really excited when Google Expeditions, which has always been great for virtual reality, recently released an update to bring augmented reality to their app. This update makes AR easy (requiring no special googles) and brings a ton of curriculum-relevant content to our fingertips.

Now your students can walk around a Roman Coliseum, check out different styles of bridges, study the skeletal system, look at coral underwater, etc. It brings things to life that we would otherwise not typically be able to “see” in three dimensions and is a great springboard for questioning and inquiry.

It’s easy to get started once you know how. I created a quick 3 minute video to demonstrate:

(My apologies for the audio quality – was trying a new microphone setup and don’t have it quite right yet.)


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