Here are some options for students (or anyone!) interested in creating an “app”:

I put “app” in quotations because though these tools are robust enough to satisfy the creative desires of elementary students and are absolutely where beginners should start, they’re not necessarily going to result in full-fledged apps comparable to the ones students are used to using. That said, they’ll still be able to create something really impressive and the skills developed are well worth the effort.

It’s good to remember that many apps are made by huge teams of people with a variety of skill sets that they’ve taken years to master. Students truly interested in someday becoming an app developer are well-advised to develop skills in the areas of problem solving, graphic design, copywriting, storyboarding/prototyping, project management, pitching ideas, coding, etc., and not expect to immediately jump to making the next HQ or Fortnight. But you never know – dream big! Anyone with enough desire and perseverance can certainly do it.

Here are a few starting points for “real” apps:

There are TONS of tutorials out there in many different formats – courses, videos, written directions, etc. Find instructions out there that suit you and give them a go.

One thing all great app developers have in common is that they know how to Google. No one can memorize everything – especially because it’s always changing. But if you know how to look for what you need and then use trial and error to try what you find, you’ll be good to go.

What did I miss? Do you have a favourite resource to share? Add a comment below!

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