I think we all have a collection of “those moments” in our minds. The ones that remind us why we became a teacher. The ones that we can look back on to lift our spirits during the not-as-good moments.

I’ve been busy lately. I think I’ve had a meeting or “extra” something everyday the past week or so (well, blogging everyday for one example…). I love being busy, so that’s not a complaint; however, today I had one of those moments that just pulls me into the now, forces me to freeze that moment in time and just be so thankful to have the privilege of teaching some truly amazing students.


Today during “tech club” (aka a chance for students to spend time in my classroom during lunch), these students gathered around the TV to learn some iMovie tips and tricks from the young man controlling the laptop. They were completely self-organized. They weren’t working on any particular class assignment. They were just all gathered there to learn together, to support one another creatively and to collaborate. Before they left, they compared schedules and set a time for their next meeting.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the room two girls were busy working away on a presentation:


They had recently completed a classroom activity where they were asked to compile a list of 10 related things. From what I understand, they could pick any topic they wanted as long as all the items in their list were connected. They were then inspired by this activity to turn the ideas into a presentation. They’re working very hard on it and have big plans to ask for an opportunity to present their ideas to the whole school so that they can inspire others.


This is the kind of learning that was (and is) my dream in creating a different kind of learning space. Powered by technology, but more importantly, powered by kids.

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