I run my Core French program using digital badges. It lets me present a wide range of learning options and then turn over my class to my students. They pick what badge they want to work towards, they work at their own pace, they collaborate or work independently, they are free to get feedback and revise as many times as they need, etc.

Last summer, I spent the whole break turning what had been successful in my classroom into a template that other teachers could use: FrenchQuest. But what if you don’t teach French? I have since also created a sister-site called EduQuest.

Sign up for your own, fully customizable EduQuest website. You can design badges, create accounts for students, collect evidence from students, give feedback, etc.

EduQuest is an integrated solution that allows the following in one solution:

  • A fully featured WordPress website/blog
  • Credly integration, including Credly Badge Builder
  • Unlimited student accounts, which you are able to group into different courses/sections
    • Students’ profiles display earned achievements and makes their learning visible.
  • Collect work/evidence of learning from students, organized according to the badge they’d like to earn.
    • If they are successful, hitting “approve” on their submission will automatically award them the badge & any associated points.
    • Provide feedback to students by commenting on their submissions.
    • Allow for re-submissions so that students can continue to revise their work until it meets the standard.
  • Interactive features for blended learning & collaboration such as an activity feed and discussion forums.

As I’ve mentioned before, badges are a means to an end for me. Badges are how I’ve decided to “innovate within the box”. I want to put my students in control of their learning and empower all students to follow their interests; however, I needed to provide students with the information they might need to meet the required curriculum as well as document each individual students’ learning so I can meet evaluation requirements. It works & my classroom has never been happier.



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