The Fairlawn YouTube Channel recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. To celebrate, I have compiled a document which shows an overview of the data available to me as a channel administrator:

 Fairlawn Public School YouTube Channel – Year 1 Statistics (PDF, 7.8 MB)

While some of these items are publicly viewable when you look at a YouTube video, the behind-the-scenes data available to channels is quite impressive. YouTubers study these statistics to understand their audience, observe trends and to try to determine what is working and what needs to improve.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 6.59.16 PMThe stats can help us answer the questions:

  • What videos are the most popular?
  • What countries are people watching from? (& Are certain videos more popular in certain countries?)
  • What are the demographics of our audience?
  • What devices are people using to watch our videos?
  • How do people find out about our videos?
  • Do we engage & retain our audience?
  • and more…

You will find line graphs, bar graphs, pie charts and more. It is likely information overload for the younger grades, but there are certainly pieces that could be isolated and/or simplified.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 7.22.05 PM

As we work as an education system to improve our practice when it comes to numeracy, we are often striving to make math meaningful, relevant and engaging to our students… to connect it to “real life”. This is one of the major reasons why I love these YouTube stats. The numbers are about their school, about their friends and about themselves.

Beyond math, these stats integrate media literacy and bring to light discussions on audience and purpose. They may also spark inquiry relating to social studies.

Feel free to use these stats in your classroom or better yet, use them as yet another reason to start a school YouTube channel of your own and start building your own audience and your own set of data.



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