Need to create listening activities for your FSL class? Use images, alt text and Read&Write for Google Chrome!

Sound complicated? It’s actually quite easy. Watch this short video to find out how:

Want the document demonstrated in the video? Click here to make your own copy.

You can edit the activity to suit your students. Right click any picture and choose “alt text” and you’ll be able to change the phrases that are said aloud to anything you like.

Want to learn more about using Read&Write for Google Chrome in French class? Check out this slide deck which has further videos and resources to help you learn more

Need to distribute it to your students to have them give it a go? Use Google Classroom to add it as an assignment with the “make a copy for each student” option.

Did you try this activity with your class? Have you made your own Google Docs listening activities using this trick? Leave a comment below to share!



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