For some reason, I’ve never felt an emotional attachment to New Years’ Eve. While friends and family all around me are making resolutions and using it as a time of renewal, I have never felt that pull. I don’t think I truly understood why until last week.

Leading up to the first day of school, I felt the kind of excitement I had as a child waiting for a big celebration. I found myself reflecting on the past year but, mostly, looking forward to the year ahead. This was my “New Year”.

While I don’t really have formal resolutions, there are certainly a lot of things I want to focus on for the year ahead:

  • Blogging regularly
  • Setting up a badging system for my core French classes
  • Broadening the extra-curriculars I offer
  • Waking up earlier and getting to school earlier
  • Cooking more often and packing better school lunches
  • Exercising more often
  • Giving up drinking cola regularly

Not unlike most New Years’ resolutions, I’m already doing terribly with some of these good intensions. I can already tell “blogging regularly” will not be as often as I hoped, I’m running into huge technical difficulties with my badge system, I have yet to exercise one bit and I’m craving Pepsi like crazy… but overall, I have not given up on anything and have definitely taken baby steps. And maybe by making my goals so public, I’ll feel more accountable to continue to take steps towards them.

So, to anyone reading – what are your new school year resolutions?


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